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For tax years beginning 2018, the 1040A and EZ forms are no longer available. For those who are filing or amending prior year returns, you can continue to use form 1040A or EZ.Hello, I’m Jill from Turbo Tax, with information about claiming exemptions for adult dependents on your tax return.This was absolutely not the first hack of Adult Friend Finder.I am personally aware of seven previous hacks and there are rumors of dozens, if not hundreds of prior hacks. The hacks that reach public awareness are extremely rare.These include your adult children, foster children and stepchildren, as well as their descendants such as your grandchildren.Also eligible are your siblings, stepsiblings, half siblings, parents, grandparents, stepparents, nieces, nephews and even your great aunts, uncles and some of your in-laws.

@ryanh788428740 We post the offers as we receive them.You must also consider the person’s gross income in the year you want to claim their exemption.This is because you can’t claim an adult dependent if their gross income—which is the total of all income that isn’t tax-exempt—is ,700 (,050 in 2018) or more.The next test requires that the adult reside with you for the entire tax year.