Anal sex dating sites

28-Jun-2020 03:47

Is this because researchers assume that it's only for homosexual guys? Our resident sex anthropologist Florence Walker investigates Archaeologists have unearthed 10,000 pots.

The vessels baffled scholars who tried to tackle their subject matter. Explanations for their mania range from showing a form of birth control to the pots making sense of new political power structures.

Whether you were diagnosed with HIV during a relationship, or you knew you were HIV positive when the relationship started, it’s important for your partner to know their status too.

Let's hope we never find evidence that any father's considered skipping the middle man.

It's not convincing that this belief could be held among the entire population and survive outside influences over such a long time period.

If you have had sex in the past or are having sex, your doctor may recommend testing for STIs. Your doctor can answer questions about safe and effective methods, side effects, and costs.

Here are some forms of birth control (all types for females; condoms for males) from most effective to least effective at preventing pregnancy.

The mystery of the Moche sex pots remains unsolved.

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