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11-Apr-2020 06:05

Even after the renewal of Dating Celebs for season 3, we at Celeb Masta are still reviewing the details about what it might have seem like a pretty simple question but attracted an astonishing million lawsuit.

Jessie Nizewitz is a model from Long Island, New York.

Then she meets Scott, a manly man who tickles all of her primal urges.

I don’t get Scott’s appeal, but they circle each other for a bit, check out each other’s butts and decide to be in love.

It just goes to show: You can put two people in a room and take away their clothes, but you can’t make them appreciate it.

Date 2: Keegan goes on a spa date with the overly confident Jesse.

The pair sit there totally nude, the silence punctuated only by Diane’s strained conversation-starters, i.e., “Oh, is your mom German?

” Then they both give up and go straight to bed, hoping for a better tomorrow.

She said that her producers guaranteed her that none of her private assets would be revealed on the screens.

Aug 22, 2014 Dating Naked Contestant Jessie Nizewitz Sues for $10 Million After Crotch Exposure on Reality Show. naked while wrestling on the beach, when a brief uncensored image of her, ahem, crotch was.… continue reading »

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