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10-Apr-2020 08:04

There are plenty of women who aren't transgendered and wouldn't be able to reproduce with you.You would not be able to filter out women who fall into this category with some sort of transgender indicator.Should we create separate categories for people who have autism or learning disabilities? Besides, isn’t that kind of the premise of dating sites to begin with, that the pool is diverse?They are still around, not because failed dates / matches don’t happen, but because of the possibility of finding someone who likes you for who you are, whatever that may be.

Do we make every person upload a detailed profile of everything that someone might care about in a prospective partner and make the results endlessly searchable? As for feeling that trans people owe it to make it known that they are trans from the jump, I don’t agree that they should be obligated to do that.

I agree that it would be excessive to try and account for every physical & mental variation and account for them, but the fact that we don't need to account for doesn't mean we should account for nothing.

By that logic, we should have no filters at all - and you should just see everyone with no filters at all, which would be a miserable user experience no one would use.

If they didn’t mention they were trans then that would be a problem.

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It seems like it would hurt a lot of trans people’s ability to date and not really effect yours.

Please note that a change of view doesn't necessarily mean a reversal, or that the conversation has ended.

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