Reddit dirty chat

29-Jul-2020 18:49

Open sharing of nudes and lewd videos was encouraged without any prejudice to age or consent.

Nudes of young Malay women were even turned into custom Telegram sticker packs.

What began as a link-sharing service quickly grew into a destination for online discussion, where communities big and small formed to talk about everything from r/worldpolitics to r/rarepuppers.

Even as Reddit introduced support for photos and video, leading to the formation of communities like r/cursedimages, text has remained central to Reddit's identity.

It would seem that the recently shuttered SG Nasi Lemak group is not even the first of its kind.

Judging from its handle (@SGNasi Lemak4) and other similar handles found via a global search on Telegram, this could be the group’s fourth iteration — and its biggest one.

CIRCULATE LEWD IMAGES/VIDEOS Forming the biggest bulk of the content was pornographic and voyeuristic material of women.No one knew, but Redditors began speculating right away. With a little more digging around the source code in the Reddit app, u/Infinade could even see what it would look like. Head to Reddit's front page and you'll find the all-new Reddit Public Access Network, where you can see warm-blooded Redditors giving a rare glimpse of the other side of the screen.This is Reddit's first taste of live video, and, as such, RPAN is a limited-time experiment, set to run from 9 am to 5 pm through the end of this week.Consider it another "dick tickling tease" for when Reddit launches livestreaming for real in the coming months.

For most of its 14-year history, Reddit has been a text-only platform.

SEXUAL SERVICES Independent sex workers would also advertise their services in the group, openly stating their rates, their assets, and the locations where the deed could be carried out. But knowing the nature of internet platforms, it’s safe to say that a subsequent version of SG Nasi Lemak would emerge again in the future once the commotion has died down.

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