Sex addict dating

15-Oct-2020 00:51

I lost my best friend around this time because I felt judged by her.

But you need to know that you are not alone and that you can survive because at times you think you can’t.Transported into hell The shock brought me to my knees. He answered every question I asked him and my questions went on for weeks and months.It was like being transported into hell in the blink of an eye and everything I thought I knew about my life and my marriage was reduced to rubble that night. What began with looking at pornography escalated to chat rooms, endless searches for other women online and a number of sexual encounters.The horror of it all would hit me every day, that this wasn’t someone else’s story and was actually my life.

Within a few weeks I knew that we were dealing with sex addiction and I had to make a choice.They will think life is relatively normal and then they discover lots of pornography on the computer, or that the person they are with has been meeting others for sex and it comes as such a shock.“They usually have lots of questions that there aren’t clear answers to initially and they need to be careful of their own mental health because it can take a massive toll.” Here, two women who are married to sex addicts share their stories (their names have been changed).That night, while the kids were in other rooms doing their normal things, I trawled through hundreds of email exchanges with other women and had to contend with the most explicit, graphic adult content and words.

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