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Read more » Daniela Vallez by Daniela Vallez Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains When I tell people what I do, people usually are quick to tell me their story about how they never had a class on sex education, or they explain how awkward it was.

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Half of the trafficking cases in cantinas arose in Houston, Texas, a city near the Mexican border with a large Latino population, Polaris said in a study tracking calls to its trafficking hotlines from over the past decade.

Afterwards, the dad drove her home and as he pulled onto her block, it was instantly obvious that a big party was happening at her house. Read more » Note the study’s chart incorrectly lists the URLs for PAMF and Sex, Etc.

The correct URLS are, respectively, org/teen and journal Clinical Pediatrics recently published a study evaluating the different sexual health information websites for adolescents.

I work for a large Planned Parenthood affiliate that covers three counties in Southern California.

My particular area, Western Riverside County, has some of the highest teen pregnancy and STIs rates in…Read more » by Julie Halpin Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Julie Halpin I feel like a curious child stumbling through the world of the unknown, mesmerized by anything new and easily distracted by something shiny.As I fumble through the stages of crawling, walking, and talking I am easily frustrated but excited and anxious to keep…Overall, hotlines run by Polaris got reports of 201 cases of sex and labor trafficking, involving 1,300 potential victims at cantinas and bars in 20 U. While cases of trafficking in brothels have been the subject of high-profile prosecutions, only a small number of prosecutions have focused on cantinas, mostly in Houston, the report said.